Places of interest on the Ritten

The earth pyramids

The earth pyramids are the most famous natural phenomenon on the Ritten and can been found in three places: in the Finsterbach valley between Lengmoos and Maria Saal, in the Kazenbach valley below Oberbozen and in the Gastererbach valley near Unterinn. 

The Ritten railway

From its inauguration in 1907, a cog railway ran from Waltherplatz, the town square in Bozen, to Klobenstein on the Ritten.
However, following a serious accident in 1964 it was decided to replace the section between Bozen and Oberbozen with a cable car. In 1966 the new cable car came into service and since then the Ritten railway has only covered the stretch from Oberbozen to Klobenstein.
In 2007 the cable car from Bozen to Oberbozen was replaced with a new 3-cable, multi-cabin system and the top and bottom stations were completely renovated. 

Church of St. Antonius in Klobenstein

The Church of St. Antonius was built in the 17th century by people from Bozen who used to spend the summer months on the Ritten. As they stayed there from mid-June to the end of August, they also needed a church there. 

Commandry of the Teutonic Order in Lengmoos

Built in the 13th century, it was a hostel on the Route of the Emperors, which passed over the Ritten, and offered rest and accommodation to many pilgrims and travellers. It later became a Commandry of the Order of Teutonic Knights. 

Verena Church in Rotwand

 Established in approx. 1256 on a prehistoric religious site and modified in the 17th century, it has a spectacular view over the Eisack valley.
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